Humanistic responses to environmental crisis

DH is sometimes defined as using technology to answer humanities questions. I want to turn that around and suggest that we should also consider how to address technology questions using the humanities.

For the purposes of this THATCamp, it might be useful to consider what we as humanists have in our tool boxes that could help address environmental challenges. What in food studies might help us prepare for coming changes in agriculture? What do we know about space and place that could help plan for different kinds of built environments? How to we think about social systems that could be useful as environmental change begins to have political consequences?



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About Stewart Varner

I am a librarian and a bike nerd. As the Digital Scholarship Librarian in the Davis Library at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, I help scholars incorporate technology into their teaching and research. I earned my Ph.D. in American Studies at Emory and my MLIS from North Texas.